The Condor Valley Experience

Estancia La Bodega Horseback Adventures

 “I have been on some incredible horseback vacations, and I can tell you for sure this was one of the best.” Margaret Kim

Ride for a few hours, ride for a day, see the back country, bring friends, bring the kids, Condor Valley is a Valhalla of horses and it is our greatest pleasure to introduce our guests to this land and the animals. Spend a day on the trails, a night of asado and rest at our Teru Teru Cabana. Visit for a few days, or we will take you on a back country trip for an unforgettable six days. Parties of 4 to 8 encouraged, we can help organize groups

The Sights

The property includes century’s old buildings, waterfalls, rivers, ponds, rock formations and constant breathtaking views.

We spent most days relaxing at the Estancia, hiking and doing some camping, but the pleasure of a day with the horses was very special”  Katherine McDonald

Your HostsHank and Martine

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